zondag 5 april 2009

................... friendly fire ..................

i don't care about jews
their noses on digital pictures
i don't care about my Friends
the causes they fake to endorse
their humanitarian lynch parties
the brotherhood of men the benefit of all
i never shoot a body in the back
i do not take part in that kind
of sunday afternoon pastimes

their friendly fire
their boelleboellies their wadanada

but i shot a palestinian right between his eyes
and a couple of somalis
and December 2007
i shot my sweet Caroline
yes i shot her in her tiny back

but Caroline is not a jew
she doesn't endorse any cause
she forgave me
just said
you shouldn't have done that

and we sit drinking a port wine
her legs crossed my arms open
while the moon passes in silence
and blesses the lonely silver wolf

we do not listen
to the friendly fire
in the backyards of our minds

we caress the silver wolf
what's your name, lonely wolf?

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