zondag 5 april 2009

...... Benjamin's Song of the Birds ......

the night is void
on the deterritorialized terrace
of the Castle Royal Hotel
Mombasa converses with
the inarticulate song of the birds
the gay love birds of paradise
they make pink nests in my ears

paschal girls pay their debts at Hard Rock Café

finally after all these years
after all these centuries and golden ages
I am clothed as a celestian sphere
and no pixels caw my memory

a twitter Cortez man speaks
on the public screen
Mister Hedge Fund and his wife
her arm around the Queen's middle
he says he will make the world nukefree
but his drones go on dropping
AGM-114 Hellfire's on Nkrumah Road

a year ago I did my best
to listen to that twitter man
he sent us sticks and carrots
so my Friends now are chasing rabbits
and assets in the green fields

I forget my last night dreams
and what once my mother told me not to do
to tell lies and to be lazy
I am part of the terrace
of Castle Royal Hotel

but the waiter is not
and the night is void
in the blue morning they will find
my smiling corpse

[5th of April 2009]

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